Poster Presentations

All poster presentations will be available for viewing during the 2 main days of the COMy Congress - Friday, April 29 and Saturday, April 30.

 1 Multiple myeloma survival pattern in pre- and post-Bortezomib eras in the United States
M. Abd El-Fattah
, M. Aboelmagd, M. Talaat
 2 Thalidomide-based induction regimens are as effective as bortezomib-based regimens in elderly patients with multiple myeloma with cereblon expression
S. Ahn
, S.-H. Jung, H.-J. Choi, M.-G. Shin, S.-S. Lee, D.-H. Yang, J.-S. Ahn, Y.-K. Kim, H.-J. Kim, J.-J. Lee
South Korea
 3 Heparanase: A novel target for therapy of multiple myeloma
R. Sanderson, I. Vlodavsky, P. Barbieri, A. Noseda
USA, Israel, Switzerland
 4 Phase I study of Roneparstat (SST0001), an innovative heparanase (HPSE) inhibitor for multiple myeloma (MM) therapy
M. Galli, H. Magen, P. Barbieri, H. Einsele, M. Chatterjee, M. Grasso, I. Celeghini, G. Specchia, D. Paoletti, S. Pace, R. Sanderson, A. Rambaldi, A. Nagler
Italy, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, USA
Prognostic value of serum free light chains in patients with Bence Jones multiple myeloma
J.L. Garcia de Vaes Silva, N. Barbosa de Carvalho, C. Bermudo Guitarte, J.C. Rojas Noboa, R. Duro Millan
 6 S1P modulator FTY720 targets osteoclastogenesis in CXCR4-based multiple myeloma systemic xenograft model
K. Beider
, E. Rosenberg, H. Bitner, A. Shimoni, M. Leiba, M. Koren-Michowitz, L. Weiss, A. Peled, A. Nagler
 7 Small-molecule BCL2 BH4 antagonist BDA-366 for multiple myeloma therapy
J. Deng, D. Park, M. Wang, A. Nooka, Q. Deng, S. Matulis, J. Kaufman, S. Lonia, L. Boise, J. Galipeau, X. Deng
 8 Characterizing the molecular mechanism of the multifunctional antitumor compound withaferin A in a multiple myeloma model
W. Vanden Berghe, M. Dom, X. Van Ostade
 9 Rare multifocal extramedullary manifestation and progression of multiple myeloma after ADCT/h4
P. Ganeva
, Y. Petrov, B. Spasov, T. Dikov, G. Arnaudov, M. Guenova, L. Garcheva, G. Mihalylov, R. Simeonov
 10 Newly diagnosed multiple myeloma is associated with hypercoagulability and high risk of VTE
G. Gerotziafas
, D. Fotiou, F. Zagouri, T. Sergentanis, K. Stamatelopoulos, T. Psaltopoulou, E. Kastritis, E. Terpos, A. Rousseau, P. Van Dreden, A.K. Larsen, I. Elalamy, M.A. Dimpooulos
France, Greece
 11 Use of monoclonal indicators in the progression of IgA monoclonal gammopathy undeterminated significance, to multiple myeloma
J. Jimenez
, J. Asensio, T. Pais, L. Campos, M.A. Penalver, J. Otero de Becerra, C. Hdo de Larramendi
12 Orthotopic heart transplant facilitated autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in light-chain amyloidosis
R. Kamble
, G. Obi, A. Scholoff, G. Carrum, L. Rice, A. Bhimarajan, J.D. Estep
A Proposed biphasic approach based on analysis of genetic alteration in newly diagnosed plasma cell myeloma patients
O. Khojah
, S. Barri, A. Alrajeh, M. Almejed, S. Ramadan, N. Almozain, F. Alsharif, S. Khalil
Saudi Arabia
Concordance between conventional and molecular cytogenetic techniques in identification of genetic abnormalities among newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients
O. Khojah
, M. Al-Mejed, A. Al-Khayat, A. Al-Harbi, A.R. Al-Maeen, M. Al-Balwi, N. Al-Atawi, A. Al-Suhaibani
Saudi Arabia
Genetic abnormalities among newly diagnosed plasma cell myeloma patients at King Fahad Medical City
L. Al-Suhaibani, O. Khojah, M. Al-Shareef, R. Al-Tahan, R. Al-Amri, K. Al-Saidi, A. Khojah, S. Tashkandi
Saudi Arabia
Effect of first autologous stem cell transplant in myeloma patients with renal failure: A retrospective analysis
I. Lazana
, L. Floro, M. Streetly, M. Kazmi, A. Paglucia, S. Shah, S. Mahmood, L. Banerjee, S. Ware, D. Gunning, S. Schey, R. Benjamin
 17 Phase I/IIa clinical study of autologous dendritic cell therapy in patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma
S.-H. Jung, H.-J. Lee, M.-C. Vo, Y.-K. Lee, H.-J. Kim, J.-J. Lee
South Korea
 18 Risk factors associated with early mortality in patients with multiple myeloma in the novel-agents era
S.-H. Jung, M.-S. Cho, H.K. Kim, S.J. Kim, K. Kim, J-W. Cheong, S.-J. Kim, J.-S. Kim, J.-S. Ahn, Y.-K. Kim, D.-H. Yang, H.-J. Kim, J.-J. Lee
South Korea
 19 STK405759 as a novel Tubulin active agent for multiple myeloma therapy
M. Leiba
, G. Rozic, L. Paukov, J. Jakubikova, A. Duek, A. Avigdor, A. Nagler
Israel, USA
Prognostic effect of comorbidity in elderly patients with multiple myeloma
B.S.A. Mohamed
, H. Asma, O. Fouzia, S.A. Najet, Z. Zahia
High dose Melphalan and autologous stem cell transplantation for multiple myeloma following urinary bladder reconstruction with ileum: Measures to minimise mucositis
M.K. Mohammad
, J.A. Snowden, D.J. Rosario, A. Munir
 22 Eye involvement rarely seen in plasma cell myeloma
D. Ozatli
, P. Buyukkaya, N. Alayvaz, S. Aktimur, K. Akkoyunlu, N. Guler, H.E. Ozturk

 23 Single centre outcomes of allogeneic stem cell transplantation for multiple myeloma
T. Rider
, M. Kazmi, K. Smith, L. Floro, J. Jegard, S. Omar, J. O'Sullivan, M. Streetly, S. Schey, T. Pagiluca, R. Benjamin
 24 Prospective audit of Rivaroxaban as prophylaxis and treatment during myeloma therapy with immunomodulatory drugs (IMiDs) at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, UK
C. Roughley
, M. Capomir, J. Lindsay, C. Pocock, V. Ratnayake, K. Saied, G. Evans
 25 Evaluation of peripheral blood stem cell mobilization and collection in elderly patients
A. Unal
, L. Kaynar, C. Unal, A. Birekul, M. Solmaz, E. Turak, S. Sivgin, B. Eser, M. Cetin
 26 Long term remission of the patient with maxillary sinus plasmacytoma after surgical treatment combined with radiotherapy
E. Zaric

Relapse of multiple myeloma presenting as kidney extramedullary plasmacytomas
E. Zaric
, A. Popovic, V. Vujicic