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A note to our Exhibitors:

Regarding Shipment

Please note well that if no storage room is provided, we can receive the parcel within a maximum of three business days prior to the event.

Deliveries are accepted from 9:00 to 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., 7/7.

All packages must have the "parcel label" form here attached.  The parcel label may be downloaded here
Packages that are not well labeled will be refused.

Delivery drivers must have their unloading equipment: Devil, cart, truck or other

The delivery must bring packages in the storage room è All deliveries exceeding 1m3 requires renting a storage room 

Thank you for informing  us about the date and the number of boxes you want to send us via:


Regarding the access:

  • Shipment platform for our hotel : 2 rue Ferrus ( -1 level)  Please review the map here
  • Maximum height : 2.70 m (based on empty vehicle) / Maximum width : 3 m
  • Inclination of main shipment wharf access : 17%.
  • Car park forbidden in the shipment wharf. 
  • Maximum weight on -1 level :
  • Passageways : 350 kg/m²
  • Meeting rooms : 500 kg/m²

Service elevators can be used between our conference center levels, based on the following maximum sizes :  Height : 2.20m / Weight : 2 000 kg / Lenght : 2.50m / Width : 1.60m